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Avv. Annemieke M.G. Lippes

Avv. Annemieke M.G. Lippes

Born in Haarlem (The Netherlands) in 1968, Annemieke graduated in 1992 in Cultural Studies from the University of Amsterdam, specialising in Economics, and went on to work as a cultural mediator and educational and cultural travels designer in the UK, France and the USA.

After moving to Italy in the early 2000s, Annemieke decided to pursue a career in the legal field, and obtained a MA in Law from the University of Florence in 2012 with a dissertation on freedom of religion in the Netherlands. Upon completion of the Bar Exam in November 2015, she joined the Florence Bar in January 2016 and founded Studio Legale Lippes shortly after.

Annemieke provides assistance in Italian and transnational civil and labour law litigation, mediation, out-of-court matters and contract drafting in Dutch, Italian, English and French.

She has a lifelong passion for travelling, camping, cycling, and discovering new cultures.

Avv. Annemieke M.G. Lippes (Haarlem, Netherlands, 2 March 1968)

Avv. Sara Cocchi

Consulente Sara Cocchi

Florence-born and raised, Sara graduated cum laude in Law in 2008 and obtained a Ph.D. in Comparative Law in 2013 from the University of Florence. Since 2012, she works as a consultant for EU funded projects in fields such as rule of law, justice reform and human rights protection and promotion. She was visiting researcher at the University of Barcelona (Spain), Adjunktprofessor in Comparative Law at Örebro University (Sweden), and Visiting Professor in Comparative Public Law at Shkodër University (Albania). As a consultant for EU-funded projects, Sara acquired significant expertise in the Western Balkans, Turkey and Georgia.

She is a member of the Florence Bar.

Sara is the author of several publications in English and Italian. Her Ph.D. research project on social rights and the right to health care in Italy and Spain grew into a full monograph published in 2016 by ETS Pisa.

She loves travelling, learning languages, and making music with friends.

Avv. Sara Cocchi (Florence, Italy, 2 February 1984)

Avv. Valentina Ferro

Valentina graduated cum laude from the University of Florence in 2010 with a thesis in Criminal Law and obtained a PhD. in the same field in 2015. In 2013, she was admitted to the Italian Bar, and is now a member of the Siena Bar. She also enrolled in the registers of public defenders for the Florence Court of First Instance and the Florence Juvenile Court as well as in the public register of lawyers providing free legal aid.

She provides assistance in various fields of criminal law. Her expertise includes medical malpractice liability and the protection of patients, occupational accidents, stalking, juvenile law. In the field of civil law, she mainly focuses on civil liability and torts, guardianship and conservatorship for the protection of incapacitated adults and minors. She also offers legal aid and assistance in administrative trials, with reference to the challenging of public selection procedures, and immigration law.

Valentina is also the author of a number of articles published in prominent criminal law-related Italian journals.

Through her volunteer activity, she assists persons with disabilities and their families and advocates for the removal of architectural barriers.

Avv. Valentina Ferro (Florence, Italy, 11 August 1984)

Zeynep Koray

Foto Zeynep Koray

Following her graduation with top marks from Galatasaray University (Istanbul, Turkey), Zeynep enrolled to the Bar of Istanbul. She worked for the law firm Gün + Partners from September 2013 to July 2015, where she focused on Commercial Law and Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Contractual Law, Competition Law and Patents. Over the years, she joined numerous prominent summer programs that allowed her to improve both her language skills (Alliance Française Paris, Institut Européen de Français de Montpellier, Heidelberg University) and her knowledge of specific legal fields (London School of Economics, Université de Fribourg). Zeynep also authored and contributed to several publications on the legal aspects of pharmaceutical and life sciences.

In 2015, she moved to Italy. She is married to an Italian and currently lives in Florence.

In 2017, Zeynep attended and successfully completed a Master’s Course in IT Law and Legal Informatics at the University of Bologna (Italy), thus further deepening her knowledge in one of her key fields of practice. She then went on to work as Digital Governance Specialist for a leading online fashion retail company.

Besides Turkish and Italian, Zeynep is also fluent in English, French and German.

She has always been interested in acting, loves to travel, enjoys cooking and practising yoga.

Zeynep Koray (Istanbul, Turkey, 1 October 1987)

Janneke Bor

Janneke Bor

Janneke graduated in 1987 from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in Dutch Language and Literature.

After a short stay in Switzerland, she decided to increase her knowledge of the Italian language and culture by attending a course at the University of Florence. Janneke settled there and collaborated on a project basis with schools, tour operators and translation centres. She also gained experience in the public sector, working for the Foreign Office of Italy’s biggest trade union, various administrative offices of the Tuscany Region and several offices of the Police and Justice Department. Her activities as a translator extend to the publishing world and audiovisual industry. At the moment, she works for the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

She obtained her diploma as a certified translator Italian into Dutch and Dutch into Italian at the Instituut voor Tolken en Vertalen in Utrecht. In Italy, Janneke is enrolled to the professional register of translators kept by the Court of Law in Florence; in the Netherlands, she is listed in the register kept by the Bureau for Sworn Interpreters and Translators in The Hague.

She is a Dutch native speaker with excellent knowledge of five other EU languages: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

She is fond of travelling, plastic arts and music, walking and cycling.

Janna Maria Bor (Ede, Netherlands, 18 July 1965)