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Studio Legale Lippes offers straightforward and reliable legal aid and advice  ‎in a wide range of sectors, taking into account not only the Italian legal system but as well the European legal context.
The Firm is particularly attentive  to anti discrimination law and immigration rights, areas of law that have always been of particular interest to its founder Avv. Annemieke M.G Lippes (click on the areas of practice for more details).

Family Law

• Separation and divorce (national/trans-national)
• Regulation of patrimonial terms between spouses
• Trust law
• Recognition of foreign judgments of divorce/separation in Italy
• Parental rights and responsibility (access and custody)
• Acknowledgement of paternity
• Alimony
• Guardianship and conservatorship
• National/international adoption
• LGBT rights

Immigration Law

• Assistance in obtaining/renewing an Italian residence/working permit (“permesso di soggiorno”)
• Acknowledgement of  refugee/asylum status
• Assistance in obtaining Italian citizenship
• Protection against discrimination

European Law and International Private Law

• International debt collection – European order for payment
• Acknowledgement of foreign judgements in Italy
• Conflict of laws
• Conflict of jurisdictions
• Protection of copyright, patents and trademark in Europe

Property Law

• Pre-contractual and contractual assistance
• “Buying and selling” assistance
• Division of immovable properties
• Shared properties and co-ownership
• Eviction

Law of Contracts and Civil Liability

• Pre-contractual and contractual assistance
• Validity of contracts
• Contract enforcement and resolution
• Debt collection
• Registration and protection of copyright, patents and trademarks
• Vehicle insurance and related claims
• Civil liability and torts
• Medical malpractice liability
• Consumers’ rights protection

Labour Law

• Redundancy
• Occupational accidents insurance and compensation


• Will contest
• Inventory
• Division of property
• Trans-national inheritance
• Donations


Anti-discrimination Law

Litigation and extra-judicial assistance in the event of discrimination

Certified legal translation and court interpretation

• Italian
• Dutch
• English
• French
• Spanish
• Turkish

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